lunes, marzo 30, 2015

Cool Bright

"I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches". Psalm 119

One thing that support me in difficult times is when I read "my Bible", "my book". I always could find hope and fortress. His promises are the revelation of his love and eternal care. 
If you are going through a difficult stage where you don't see clearly, despair takes you to tears, and anyone support you, then it is time to surrender to God. He is always there next to you, really close to talk to you. So we'll start listening, we we'll read his word.

Hi! everyone How are you? We are entering the second quarter of the year, NYC is still cold but, It have been days full of work and challenges! I just could say THANK YOU Jesus! What about you?
I hope everything is OK, and full of blessings.
Here I leave you his outfit that I use few weeks ago! Don't be afraid to shine!
GOD bless you!


lunes, marzo 16, 2015

Game of Browns

God Bless you my friend!