marzo 26, 2012


Todos los que me conocen saben que solo visto de colores claros o "PASTEL".Soy una persona muy delgada y los colores muy oscuros no me favorecen,pero no te preocupes,si a ti SI te favorecen y te gustan, adelante.
Esta falda estilo "tutu" es mi favorita en este momento,quiero ponermela con todo y ademas me hace recordar a "Carrie".Saben el sueter es viejisimo,pero soy de las q siempre guarda, no tiro ni regalo casi nada...Te aconsejo que hagas lo mismo,tarde o temprano TODO sirve y regresan de moda.BENDICIONES!!!

Those that know me know that I only use light or pastel colors. I am a very thin person and dark colors do not favor me. But if they look good on you, go ahead and experiment with them. 
This skirt is tutu style and its my favorite one of the moment. I love to wear them with everything, specially because it reminds me of "Carrie" from the famous TV Series. This sweater is very old, but I am one of those that keeps things. I hardly throw away or give anything away. I advise you to do the same. Fashion always recycles itself and sooner or later it comes back. BLESSINGS!!!

Sueter United Color of Benetthon
Skirt      American Apparel
Shoes  Guess
Rings   Tjmaxx

Salmos 34:8
Psalm    34:8

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