miércoles, marzo 22, 2017

Yellow for Spring

 "Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience,..." Colossians 3:12

   The reason that I post this verse from the Bible it is because yesterday, 21 March 2017 marks the 12th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. As  mother of an ADHD  child, I identify with all those parents who have children with down syndrome because I known that one of the worse situation we faced is the lack of mercy and understanding  from some people toward our children. But God says that we be merciful and that we have patience, He doesn't refer to just those who we love, but to all those around us without discrimination. The inclusion is important, and the adequate care and programs to help them to improved and succeed. 

My request to you is to pray for all the wonderful parents who have special children so that God may provide us encouragement, strength, intelligence and a lot of patience.


 Hight Knee Boots + Dress: Zara  |  Bag: MK  | Sunglasses: D&G

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sábado, marzo 11, 2017

Dry Bones

"The enemy whispered lies, don't listening him. There is more to come, just wait, With the faith we'll step into what we may not yet see" 
I love this phrase "we call out to dead hearts, come alive"
The reason I love this song is because I very often use the breathing technique to calm me down. And this wonderful lyric is talking about the same, breath, but not the air, but breath of God.
I hope you like this beautiful song and motivate  you to feel alive and complete with everything you are and have. We have life in christ jesus.

  "I will cause the Spirit to enter into you, and ye shall live". 
   Ezekiel 37:5

Come Alive (Dry Bones) 
 Lauren Daigle

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sábado, febrero 27, 2016

Hi baby blue!

Hola a todos y todas mis fieles lectores, Que el Señor Jesucristo los bendiga enormemente. Primero que todo quiero explicarles mi ausencia por tantos meses.
Hace ano y medio decidí entrar a la universidad y la verdad  ha sido un poco difícil y absorbente especialmente porque para mi, mi familia es primero. 
Ahora, porque cambie el nombre del blog? Bueno, desde un inicio el propósito que Dios puso en mi corazón al abrir este espacio, era y es un blog cristiano con el objetivo de ayudar a todas aquellas mamas que han perdido bebes antes de nacer. Se que al igual que yo, habemos muchas mujeres que hemos pasado por esta situación y no encontramos ayuda en el momento mas doloroso. Mi deseo es transmitirles primero que todo, que Dios esta bajo control aunque no lo entendamos, y segundo motivarlas a que se levanten y decidan continuar y volver a empezar. Uno de los caminos a seguir es a través de la auto motivación espiritual y para esto quiero parafrasear el proverbios que dice "el corazón alegre hermosea el rostro". Quiero con esto decirles que aunque la apariencia física no lo es todo, VERTE BIEN es de gran ayuda. Arreglarse, maquillarse, usar ropa que te guste ponerte linda para ti, pero mas que todo sentirte linda es un buen comienzo. Tu crees que al El le gusta verte decaída? por supuesto que no. Dice la palabra de Dios que El se alegra con los que se gozan, ríe con los que ríen, llora con los que lloran y por lo tanto quiero pensar que El se siente bien si tu y yo estamos y nos sentimos bien.
Estaré hablando y tocando temas que a ti a mi nos interesan como mujeres cristianas y que buscamos una manera de vestir que agradable a Dios y que sea moderna.
Así que estamos en contacto...

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Hello to all my faithful readers, May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly. First of all I want to explain my absence for so many months.
A year and a half ago I decided to go to college and the truth has been a bit difficult and absorbing especially because for me, my family is first.
Now, why change the name of the blog? Well, from the beginning the purpose that God put in my heart to open this space, was and is a Christian blog with the goal of helping all those breasts that have lost babies before birth. I know that like me, we have many women who have been through this situation and we did not find help in the most painful moment. My desire is to transmit to you first of all, that God is under control even if we do not understand it, and secondly to motivate them to rise and decide to continue and start over. One of the paths to follow is through spiritual self-motivation and for this I want to paraphrase the proverbs that says "the merry heart beautifies the face". I want to tell you that although physical appearance is not everything, WELL is a big help. Make up, make-up, wear clothes that you like to get cute for you, but more than anything, feeling cute is a good start. Do you think he likes to look down? of course not. The word of God says that He rejoices with those who rejoice, laughs with those who laugh, weeps with those who weep and therefore I want to think that He feels good if you and I are and feel good.
I will be speaking and touching topics that I care about as Christian women and that we are looking for a way of dress that is pleasing to God and modern.
So we are in contact ...

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martes, junio 23, 2015

Green Alert

"Mi canto es al Senor,
quien es mi fortaleza y salvacion.
El es mi Dios, y he de alabarlo;
Es el Dios de mi madre y he de enaltecerlo".
Exodo 15:2


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