martes, junio 23, 2015

Green Alert

"Mi canto es al Senor,
quien es mi fortaleza y salvacion.
El es mi Dios, y he de alabarlo;
Es el Dios de mi madre y he de enaltecerlo".
Exodo 15:2


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martes, mayo 19, 2015

Forever 42

I am a woman with a a lot of blessings around me. I realize that all I have is not because me,  is the great mercy and love of God. How grateful we are for what we have from the most simple to the more complex as your own life. Did you know that breathe thanks to his power; it is not by luck, not because of fate.
 You are here with a propose. You are here because his plan is to love you, protect you, bless you and deliver you from all unrighteousness. 
I am a 42 years old woman, I am happy and totally complete with what God has made for me in all my years. My plan is keep close to him.
 As you see, we can take a decision that would change your life, that why I say  "we are      not a result of fate, but of God's mercy"

Pants & Sirt: Zara  |  Shoes (old): Zara   |  Bag: MK  |  Accessories: F21 & TJMaxx

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His plan is to love you, protect you, bless you and deliver you from all unrighteousness

viernes, mayo 01, 2015

Neutral Industry

 I was in the popular area of Chelsea. Close to the pier, this is a part full of factories. 
This part of Lower Manhatthan remember me my years with the Oteros' family because they were the first ones who show me this beautiful place. We can enjoy all day doing a lot of activities, like biking, skitting, jogging, there are a lot of restaurants, stores, parks and the famous Chealse Market.
I love NYC, this is my promised land where God has fulfilled his purpose.

 Skirt:Zara + Heels: bebe via Marshalls  + T-shirt: F21

God bless you guys, and I hope you  have a wonderful weekend!!

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lunes, abril 13, 2015

White Balarina

Persue your dreams is not  easy, but you are enough strong and enough smart to reach it. 
That God says!

God is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear.

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miércoles, abril 08, 2015

This one is the day!

 I don't know you but, I have been tired, and sometimes I wanted to give up. I pretty sure that a lot of you know that feeling. This song reminds me that God is always there, everymorning, everymoment whith his love, and he is telling me that his MERCY is new every single day. 
The lyric of this song is perfect for those who want everyday 
"a new day" whith "a new start".

Enjoy this lyric.

Day One
                                                         Matthew West

miércoles, abril 01, 2015

Hola April

April is here with The Holy Week. It is my favorite holiday because eventhough everyday I remember the sacrifice of Jesus on me, I specially celebrate and praise the Lord for his love, and I am grateful that throug death he forgives all my sisns. Now, I am free, healthy and happy.
Let's celebrate Jesus is alive! ALLELUYA!

"For God so love the world, that he gave his only son, thet whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)".

Dress: Zara  /  Bag: MK  /  Shoes: Style & Co.

Hello blessed, How is i going this week. We are in the first day of April.
Maybe you are full og proyects or plans for those weeks. Just I let you my outft for today to give you an idea of what can I wear this days of vacation.
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GOD bless you.