miércoles, abril 01, 2015

Hola April

April is here with The Holy Week. It is my favorite holiday because eventhough everyday I remember the sacrifice of Jesus on me, I specially celebrate and praise the Lord for his love, and I am grateful that throug death he forgives all my sisns. Now, I am free, healthy and happy.
Let's celebrate Jesus is alive! ALLELUYA!

"For God so love the world, that he gave his only son, thet whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)".

Dress: Zara  /  Bag: MK  /  Shoes: Style & Co.

Hello blessed, How is i going this week. We are in the first day of April.
Maybe you are full og proyects or plans for those weeks. Just I let you my outft for today to give you an idea of what can I wear this days of vacation.
Thank you to stop by...

GOD bless you.

lunes, marzo 30, 2015

Cool Bright

"I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches". Psalm 119

One thing that support me in difficult times is when I read "my Bible", "my book". I always could find hope and fortress. His promises are the revelation of his love and eternal care. 
If you are going through a difficult stage where you don't see clearly, despair takes you to tears, and anyone support you, then it is time to surrender to God. He is always there next to you, really close to talk to you. So we'll start listening, we we'll read his word.

Hi! everyone How are you? We are entering the second quarter of the year, NYC is still cold but, It have been days full of work and challenges! I just could say THANK YOU Jesus! What about you?
I hope everything is OK, and full of blessings.
Here I leave you his outfit that I use few weeks ago! Don't be afraid to shine!
GOD bless you!


jueves, febrero 26, 2015

Mi nueva Obsesión!

Yo no se tu, pero Yo ando totalmente encantada con la nueva tendencia en faldas, si, talves ya las has visto en revistas o en algun recital de ballet, las faldas estilo ballet o TUTU. O si eres fan de la serie Sex in the city” recordaras a Carrie. 
Son femeninas, delicadas y versátiles.

Puede ser que te parezcan “demasiado” pero una vez tengas una, te encantara, especialmente con unos lindos tacones.Así que si te gustan, atrevete. 
Tendras todas las miradas sobre ti.

Como puedo usarlas:
1-Una camiseta, lo más simple posible y de un solo tono.
2-Una crop  rayada.
3-Con una camisa jeans de botones.

Te preguntaras donde puedo conseguirlas y cuál será el color adecuado?
He tenido la suerte de encontrar en tiendas, pero mi favorita es hecha en Honduras. Tu tienes la opción de encontrar a tu modista y hacerla a tu gusto. Mi favorita es en blanco, pero tu puedes usar desde negra, rosado, gris o azul. 
Si te atreves, por favor postea una fotografía a mi facebook, me gustaria verte.

Gracias de nuevo y recuerda que el corazón alegre hermosea tu rostro.

DIOS te bendiga con amor eterno!


miércoles, febrero 25, 2015

Cool Chelsea

"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;  my God is my rock, in whomI take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation..."
2 Samuel 22:3

Jeans:Zara  |  Sweeter:F21  |  Sunglasses: D&G

What a freezing days have made here in NYC...But, I love my city and I'm happy including the snow or without it. Just I can say, Thank you God for everything. 
Here you got this outfit for this kind of cold days.

God bless you.


lunes, febrero 23, 2015

I'm made new!!

Happy beginning of the week guys and for that I let you this beautiful song. Just to remind you, He restored your soul, harth and body! 
God bless you

Enjoy this song!


jueves, enero 29, 2015

God is my Agent

He is the BEST manager ....recomended 100%


What a wonderful and important month has been January for my family and I. A lot of changes, decisions and blessings. This 2015 is the second year of seven in where God brings  promises and where He is going to concrete his plan in my life.
How about you? I hope everything is good and principally under God's plan.
God bless you and see you soon!  XOXO!!