Pink Month

octubre 23, 2017

NBCAM is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that organize an annual campaign every October to raise funds for awareness, education, and research.
From the time I turned 40, I became more aware about cancer. And of course I started to do all kind of preventive tests like mammograms, papanicolaous, and/or self exploration.
The American Cancer Society provides us the information we need to know about this desease and at the same time they invite us to be involve and do something about it and that is what I'm doing. I'm trying to spread the message of  take conscience of the importance of take care of ourselves.
The Bible says that the human race is facing against disease since the beginnig. Motivation is a critical factor in promoting health and preventing diseases. We can control our diets, life style, etc. A biblical principle is in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and it says that our bodies are temples of the Holly Spirit and we have to honer God with it.
Dear beauties, let us visit our doctors and check our bodies regularly. I'm sure everyone has some motivation to live.

Shorts: AE  |  Blouse: Zara  |  Flats: TJMaxx  |  Body-cross Bag: Walmart

Have a great and Blessed week!!!

with all my 💗,  thank you.


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